About Us

University Food Source, a Fair Market Holdings Entity, is a wholesale frozen food distributor providing opportunity products as well as consistent first run products.  Since July 1997, Universities have turned to us to enhance and upgrade their dining menus while reducing overall food costs.

We specialize in protein items including poultry, beef and pork. We also carry an inventory of stuffed pastas, appetizers, breakfast items, Asian food items, fries, desserts and much more.

Our company owned warehouses, centrally located in the middle of America, allow us to carefully inspect our inventory to repack and sort product for customer needs. We are also able to build orders from one location, reducing freight costs.

We pride ourselves in offering impeccable service to our customers.  We guarantee satisfaction and believe in honesty and integrity in everything we do. That means no misrepresentation of our products and on time deliveries.

Nutrition information and samples are available for all products.


Our products are acquired in a variety of methods from various manufacturers. Using our long standing partnerships, we acquire food items and offer them to our customers with a need for a high quality and low cost product in high volume.

Our company owned warehouses allow us to physically inspect our inventory, to ensure quality products to FMI standards as well our customers standards. We operate a designated repack facility in Montgomery City that allows us to sort product carefully and efficiently.

FMI Wentzville Warehouse

1337 Fair Market Drive
Wentzville, MO 6338


  • 34,000 square foot warehouse
  • Frozen and Dry Food Storage
  • USDA, FDA, OSHA, and health department  inspected
  • HACCP plans in place
  • Third Party Audits


  • Dry and frozen repacking and relabeling
  • Refrigerated Docking Area


FMI Montgomery City Warehouse

#3 Mitchell Road
Montgomery City, MO


  • 62,000 square foot warehouse
  • Distribution Center – case pick to pallet order fulfillment
  • USDA inspector on site
  • FDA, OSHA, and health department  inspected
  • HACCP plans in place
  • Third Party Audits


  • USDA inspected dry and frozen repacking and relabeling
  • Selection of pack sizes and private labels
  • Refrigerated Docking Area